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The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) awards BF Power Vac the 2012 Safety Award. BF has received this award every year since 2004 and has been listed under the Outstanding Safety Award Winner Category since 2007.
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Here's what customers are saying about BF Power Vac:

Thank you for the outstanding job you did Friday at our house. We have had our ducts cleaned once before by a different company. You guys did amazing!!! Besides, everything blowing and circulating better it actually feels cleaner AND the vents are clean. I can't believe you were able to get the vent in the hallway by the thermostat clean. I've tried before and couldn't get it all off. It sounds crazy but I actually walk over there to purposely look at it. It's gorgeous! Thank you for cleaning out the vent that no longer is part of the system and the extra things you did for us. We so appreciate it. -Kim and Chad - Richland

"I thought the service was outstanding. They worked around our indoor and outdoor herd of animals with NO PROBLEM. The guys were so professional and had such pleasing peronsalities, I would highly recommend them to anyone. They were informative and with a sense of humor as to our duct debris. They were a pleaure to have in our home. We will see them again in three years per their recommendation. We are totally happy for them to use our comments as we have not had such a wonderful experience in such a long time." -Robin, Waitsburg

"I was amazed at how nice it smelled in my house last night! For the first time I did not have to go to bed with a tissue for a runny nose or drippy eyes from my cat allergies. The lady that rented the house prior to us had 4-5 cats in there!" -Alyssa, Pasco

"I'm so glad I made the appointment. My house smells better and my asthma is better after only a short while. Thanks." -Stacy, Kennewick

"It was an absolute pleasure to deal with someone as friendly and knowledgeable as Shawn. Thank you, and we will be return customers." -Matt, Richland

"The cleaning has made a BIG difference in the output of air! Thank you." -Christine, Kennewick

"Exemplifies what customer service should be. Professional, courteous, timely, meticulous." –Judith, Walla Walla

"Had very courteous, clean and polite employees who lay down tarps to keep your carpet clean." -Harold, Kennewick

"A company that takes pride in their work!!" -Tim, Kennewick

"You treat customers courteously! Very accommodating, pleasure to do business with. Apparent that you emphasize to your employees to be friendly and appreciate your customers." –Brad, Walla Walla

"Shawn was an exceptionally efficient, polite and pleasing man who obviously knew how [to] do the job RIGHT!! We are grateful and will very highly recommend this company for its integrity and proficiency." -George, Richland

"Excellent!! Far exceeded my expectations. Truly a professional performance from initial call to post-job cleanup." –Robert, Kennewick

"We had three companies giving us bids at the house and just on personality Shawn came out far ahead!! He explained the process and was easy to talk to as well as efficient. I'd recommend your service anytime!" –Margaret, Kennewick

"Great!! What a difference the cleaning has made! Why did I wait so long to have it done?!! –Sue, Kennewick

"I have had a previous home done elsewhere and your company does the most thorough job I've seen done. Thank you." -Marcie, Richland

"Very personable and informative. Did a great job. Very attentive to detail. I would recommend your service to others." –Donna, Richland

"Unbelievable! Shawn went above and beyond the word "service" with duct work that is 50+ yrs, rusted and leaks. He still worked very hard at making sure it was cleaned the proper way. We will recommend you to everyone in the Tri-Cities area. Thanks again." –Shelley, Richland

"I appreciate the prompt, thorough work on my dryer vent and later on my furnace vent system." –Loretta, Richland

"You guys did an outstanding job. I was especially impressed with your attention to detail. You provide an excellent service. Thank you very much!" –LeeAnn, Pasco

"Most dust-free, courteous service we have ever used. Thank you for your on-time professional service. We will definitely use you again." -Marcella, West Richland

"We were very pleased with the service and response of the cleaners. This was our second cleaning, the first company couldn't compare to the service we received from BF." -Shanon, Prosser

"Great service! Cleaners were polite, courteous and very professional. I'll be sure to recommend you to others." –Mitch, Kennewick

"We had a different company power vac the furnace 18 months ago and the attention to detail and cleanliness this time was remarkably better." –Tom, Kennewick

"Very professional, knowledgeable, and clean. Thank you so much for the tips and info. The visit was worth every penny." –Cindy, Kennewick

"Glad we had this done. The air in the house feels much cleaner." -Carol, Kennewick

"Made a world of difference. I'd seen what it looked like before he started, especially by the fan on the furnace. When he got done it was 100% better. Now I could smell the clean refreshing scented air." –Joe, Kennewick