"I'm so glad I made the appointment. My house smells better and my asthma is better after only a short while. Thanks." Stacy, Kennewick

"It was an absolute pleasure to deal with someone as friendly and knowledgeable as Shawn. Thank you, and we will be return customers." -Matt, Richland

"The cleaning has made a BIG difference in the output of air! Thank you." Christine, Kennewick

Top 3 Questions Anyone Should Ask When Finding An Air Duct Cleaner


Do they clean the entire system, including the equipment?

Air duct cleaning is only one step in cleaning your system; in fact the entire HVAC system should be cleaned. Any dirt and debris that is in the furnace will blow right back into your clean ductwork the next time the system turns on. This will result in re-contamination of the entire system and is wasting your money.


Do they have a NADCA Certified Technician? Is this important?

When looking for an air duct cleaning contractor it is very important they are certified by The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), because NADCA is the only organization that works with the EPA to set the standards for proper furnace and air duct cleaning. NADCA is also the only internationally recognized organization devoted to the education and instruction of proper furnace and air duct cleaning. Hiring someone without the proper training can leave you with more of a problem after they clean for you then if nothing had been done at all. Also beware of companies that try to make it look like they are members or certified by NADCA by stating they "clean to NADCA standards" or are "in compliance with the industry standards set forth by NADCA". We have been members for 15 years and our certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) has to keep up on continuing education yearly and pass an exam yearly to keep this important certification.


Is air duct cleaning their primary business or just an add-on service to sell you back to their primary business? (ie, carpet cleaning, pest control, HVAC service contract)

Specialized air duct cleaners (like professional athletes & their sport of choice) devote their primary education, training and work hours to proper furnace and air duct cleaning. This in turn provides clients with a staff of professionals that have no other motives towards you, the customer, but ensuring the proper cleaning of your furnace and air duct system.