"We had three companies giving us bids at the house and just on personality Shawn came out far ahead!! He explained the process and was easy to talk to as well as efficient. I'd recommend your service anytime!" -Margaret, Kennewick

"You treat customers courteously! Very accommodating, pleasure to do business with. Apparent that you emphasize to your employees to be friendly and appreciate your customers." -Brad, Walla Walla

"We had a different company power vac the furnace 18 months ago and the attention to detail and cleanliness this time was remarkably better." -Tom, Kennewick

Customer Survey

We would like to thank you for giving BF Power Vac the opportunity to serve you. We know there are other options out there available to you and we appreciate you giving us your business. At BF Power Vac we are committed to providing the best customer service possible and one way for us to achieve this goal is to ask for your feedback. It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete the satisfaction survey below. Thank you again for your business and for your valuable feedback.


Customer Service Survey Form

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Was the office personnel courteous when you called in to schedule?
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Did your cleaning technician arrive within the scheduled time frame?
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Was your cleaning technician courteous?
Was the cleaning operation explained to your satisfaction?
Was the jobsite left in a clean and orderly manner?
Overall, were you pleased with the work that was performed?
Would you recommend us to your friends & family?
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