Air Duct Cleaning

Accumulations of human skin scale and dander, dust and dirt, pet hair and dander, insect and rodent feces and remains, mold, mildew and other allergens found in a typical home over time can cause an unhealthy breathing environment. Contaminants can be distributed by your HVAC system throughout your home resulting in poor indoor air quality. Other factors can increase your need for air duct cleaning including pets, cigarette smoke, interior remodeling, occupants with allergies or asthma, new home construction or recently purchased a new home with prior occupants. BF Power Vac's furnace and air duct cleaning service can eliminate contaminants from your system and ductwork providing you with fresh healthy air to breath. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions, Consumer Resources and Why Choose BF Power Vac pages for additional information on air duct cleaning.

There are two key components to HVAC cleaning: breaking contaminants loose, and collection of contaminants.

Breaking Contaminants Loose

Properly cleaning HVAC systems requires removing the sources of contamination. Source removal, which is the only technique recommended by the EPA and National Air Duct Cleaners Association, begins with use of one or more agitation devices designed to loosen contaminants from the surfaces within the heating and air-conditioning system.

Collection of Contaminants

During cleaning, the entire HVAC system is placed under continuous negative pressure (vacuum) to prevent the spread of contaminants. Continuous negative pressure allows very fine particles to be removed from the system as they become airborne, ensuring that these particles are not released into the living space when the system is turned on after cleaning. This negative pressure also serves to extract the loosened contaminants, which are collected and removed from your home.

Note: Negative pressure alone is not enough to clean your air ducts to standard, so avoid any company that only utilizes pressurized air to clear the vents. A reputable company will use an agitation tool in tandem with pressurized air.

System Access

Because each system is unique, the way the duct cleaners will access them will also be different. Where it is possible, access to duct interiors should be made through existing openings such as supply diffusers, return grills, duct end caps, and existing service openings. However, if the system requires, BF Power Vac may need to create an access panel. Creation of these service openings, and their subsequent closure, will be performed and maintained by our expertly trained technicians.

Please click here for a post-cleaning residential checklist from NADCA to verify that your system has been properly cleaned. Have this checklist available upon completion of cleaning your system so that you and your technician can go through each question together.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that the air duct cleaning company you do choose comply with The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) standards. BF Power Vac has had a NADCA certified technician on staff for 15 years.


For an overview on how your heating and cooling system accumulated dust, view the following video produced by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)

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